Cardiac rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the sum of activities required to influence favorably the underlying cause of the disease, as well as to ensure the patients the best possible physical, mental and social conditions, in orer to preserve or resume when lost, as normal a place as possible in the life of the community. According to the recommendation of the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation programs should contain nine core components, as follows:

  1. patient assessment, risk stratification
  2. physical activity counseling,
  3. exercise training,
  4. nutritional counseling,
  5. weight management,
  6. lipid monitoring,
  7. blood pressure monitoring,
  8. tobacco cessation,
  9. and psychosocial management.

In general, cardiac rehabilitation is beneficial for most chronic cardiac patients. Patients who are considered the most qualified include those who have experienced 1 or more of the following conditions sometime within the previous year: MI/acute coronary syndrome, heart surgery or percutaneous coronary intervention, stable angina pectoris, chronic heart failure, and peripheral artery disease.

You may join our programs after having completed a cardiovascular specialist examination.

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