Online Cardiovascular consultation

Online Cardiovascular consultation

With counseling, we can be of great help to our old and new patients who come to us with cardiology complaints.

In the pandemic the online video remote consultation became the framework that made it possible to ensure the continuous control of our patients in safe conditions.

Since the remote consultation in the virtual space does not require the doctor and the patient to meet in person, the possibilities are somewhat limited in terms of establishing a diagnosis, but with counseling we can still be of great help to old and new patients who come to us with cardiology complaints. This option is especially important even after the pandemic, because people living with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are at increased risk and may need advice and evaluation of their new findings.

When is it worth taking advantage of the possibility of online cardiology teleconsultation?

  • Frequent headaches, dizziness, frequent or irregular heartbeats, heart rhythm disturbances, and occasionally recurring chest complaints due to physical exertion and certain stressful situations. In the event of an unexpected, persistent, intense chest complaint, please contact emergency care immediately!
  • If we need an online control following the previous personal visit, to discuss the new findings completed in the meantime.
  • If we need help with medication settings, or if we want to show our blood pressure diary to the specialist.
  • It is possible to evaluate the results of previous examinations, to interpret laboratory tests, ultrasound, MR, CT or X-ray findings.

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