Smoking cessation program

Smoking is one of the main cardiovascular risk factors, increases the frequency of a wide range of malignant diseases, leads to chronic respiratory syndromes, and what is less known; virtually all organ systems get affected. It is of note that in general, smokers die ten years earlier!

Apart from health issues, there are several other factors that emerge against smoking. Among several others, importantly, smokers seem older than their age-mates and this destroys self-esteem. The negative general opinion might lead to some kind of social marginalization and isolation. At last, we cannot ignore, that this habit is costly.

Giving up smoking is not easy. It is well known, that even in case of strong intellectual commitment medical assistance is generally needed. Our methods in concert with temporary add on drugs results 80% success rate.

If you have problems with giving up smoking and you need help just do not hesitate, join our smoking cessation program! Turn to us with confidence!

You may join our programs after having completed a cardiovascular specialist examination.

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