Weight loss program

Obesity is a leading and growing contemporary health problem. Overweight is a cardiovascular risk factor and favours the development of orthopaedic disorders. The obese patient’s way of life changes, featuring shrinking physical perspectives and distorting psychical condition, resulting worsened quality of life and reduced life expectancies.

We have elaborated our special weight loss program with our partners, and it has proved to be effective in almost all cases. Hunger typically faded away in 2-3 days. The target body weight has been reached by 3-5 kg monthly weight reduction. The radical dietary restrictions implicating very low carbohydrate and fat content can be introduced and maintained, in addition, the ongoing medical supervision and laboratory check-ups guarantee safety. Nevertheless, there is no need to get hospitalized to keep this protocol, and this might be the most important for the patients!

In case you are fighting with your bodyweight, just do not hesitate, join our weight loss program! Turn to us with confidence!

You may join our programs after having completed a cardiovascular specialist examination.

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